Mentored Install Network Training (MINT)

Consider Housley as a MINT Service Partner across any or all stages of the technology lifecycle:

Presales, PoV, Install, Migration & Training

Housley is a Mentored Install Network Training (MINT) partner, authorised by Cisco to provide Cisco Channel Partners with access to validated expert resources who can lead and work on mentored proof of value (PoV) and mentored install engagements for technologies across the Cisco portfolio. Partners can minimise risk and drive immediate value for customers and maximise the opportunity for successful technology adoption of Cisco deployments.  During the install process, partner / customer teams learn best practice and gain hands-on experience with Cisco’s latest technologies under the guidance of a qualified Housley mentor. How does the MINT Service scoping and ordering work? Contact Housley to arrange a high-level scoping call to define and produce a Level of Effort document and Mint SKU quote. The quoted number of Mint SKUs can be entered into your Cisco Bill of Materials (BOM) as a unique Housley Mint SKU in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) ordering and bundled into your Cisco hardware & Software BOM purchase. Then, engage with Housley to kick off the project. Units of MINT services can be purchased direct from the Cisco pricelist with Cisco hardware and software purchases when a Bill of Materials (BOM) is selected via the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). Approved  Mentored Install Service SKU Units available in CCW for Housley are: MINT-COMPUTE-HOU  -  Mentored Install Service Unit for Cisco Cloud and Compute delivered by Housley MINT-DCN-HOU -   Mentored Install Service Unit for DCN/ACI delivered by Housley MINT-SECURITY-HOU - Mentored Install Service Unit for Security delivered by Housley Housley, as an authorized Cisco MINT Service Partner:
  • does not compete with Cisco channel partners; we are a services/learning and enablement partner, not a traditional reseller (Housley does not sell Cisco hardware or software products).
  • is validated by Cisco's technical marketing engineers (TMEs) and Global Partner Organization engineering teams.
  • has extensive experience deploying Cisco Compute and Intent—Based Networking solutions.
  • can escalate issues directly to Cisco for quick resolution.
  • helps partners and their customers to quickly become self-sufficient in Cisco technology deployments via Cisco best practice and process.
Talk to us about your MINT requirements at Please see ACI Mentoring Service, Compute Mentoring Service and Intersight Mentoring Service pages for more details.