Webex CC Administrator Training – Digital Channels (WXCCDC3)

In this hands-on Instructor led training, students will get an overview of the Cisco Webex Contact Centre solution, understand the Digital Architecture & Licensed Options and perform all basic administrative configuration to set up a Webex Contact Centre. You will be learning to configure flows using digital channel options such as Web/Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Email and SMS.

Course  Objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop, students should be able to:

  • Configure Webex CC using digital channels.
  • Design Webex CC using digital channel options for customers.

Intended Audience:

  • Partner Pre-Sales SEs, Field SEs, Deployment SEs, Day-2 Operations

Pre-requisite skills:

  • Students attending this workshop should have a basic understanding of Contact Centre Operation.


  • 3 Days




  • An Introduction to Cisco Webex Contact Centre
    • Webex Contact Centre Overview
    • Webex Contact Centre Digital Architecture
    • Understanding Licensing
    • Licensed Options
    • Accessing the Contact Centre – Webex Engage & Webex Connect
  • Tenant Profiles
    • Tenant Profile
    • CC User Types
    • User Profile Types
    • Skill, Skill Definitions, User, Agent, Multimedia
    • Sites and Teams
    • Adding Contact Centre Users
    • Entry Points, and Queues
  • Webex Connect Digital Channels
    • Digital Channels Overview
    • Web/Live Chat
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Digital Channel Flow


  • Configuring Web/Live Chat in WXCC
    • Create an Account on Glitch.com
    • Configure a Service in Webex Connect
    • Configure a Chat App/Asset in Webex Connect
    • Create an Entry Point and Queue for Chat in Webex CC
    • Add a Template
    • Create a New Chat Flow
    • Configure the Chat Asset in Webex Engage
    • Configure Chat Templates in Webex Engage
  • Configuring the Facebook Messenger Channel
    • Create a Facebook App (Asset) in Webex Connect
    • Create an Entry Point and Queue for Facebook Messenger in Webex CC
    • Add and configure the Facebook Messenger Flow to Your Service
    • Test Your Facebook App
    • Configure Facebook Templates in Webex Engage
  •  Configuring the Email Channel
    • Create an Email App (Asset) in Webex Connect
    • Log In to Your Student Email Box and Forward to Webex Connect
    • Create an Entry Point and Queue for Email in Webex CC
    • Add and Configure the Email Flow to Your Service
    • Configure Email Templates in Webex Engage
    • Test your Email Digital Channel
  •   Configuring the SMS Channel
    • Create an SMS App (Asset) in Webex Connect
    • Create an Entry Point and Queue for SMS in Webex CC
    • Add and Configure the SMS Flow to Your Service
    • Test your SMS Digital Channel
  • Using Visualization to Generate Reports and Dashboards
    • Log into Customer Journey Analyzer and Review the Default Dashboard Reports
    • Customer Journey Analyzer User Interface
    • Access Control
    • Execute Stock Reports
    • Create a Custom Report Using a Stock Report
    • Create a Real-time Contact Report
    • Create a Real-time Agent Report
    • Stock Dashboards