Cisco Tetration Power Workshop (TT1PW)

Course Description

Tetration Analytics dramatically simplifies your zero-trust implementations. It provides visibility into everything in your Data Centre (DC) in real time. It uses behaviour-based application insight and machine learning to build dynamic policy models and automate enforcement.

Course Prerequisites

The knowledge and skills that a learner should have before attending this course are as follows: • Base understanding of network and application operational dynamics • Appreciation of network and application monitoring

Course Learning Objectives

This session will provide attendee with an overview of the features and functionality of Tetration.

Course System Requirement

Laptop with recent web browser & suitable connectivity for remote lab access

Course Other Information

The primary audience for this course is Partners and customers


7 hours

Course Outline

  • What and why Tetration?
  • Use environments
  • Lab Demonstration
  • Definitions and background
  • Architecture
  • Tetration Access
  • Lab Demonstration
  • Application insight and ADM
  • JSON review
  • Visibility and Flows
  • Policy enforcement and security
  • Lab Demonstration; Policy and security
  • Organisational Control
  • Lab Demonstration
    • RBAC
  • API and programmability overview
  • Lab Demonstration
    • API
  • Tetration support