Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Nexus Dashboard Insights – Day2 operations (nxdash)

Course Overview

This course will explore the Cisco datacentre Nexus Dashboard (ND) and Nexus Dashboard Insights (NDI) products.

The primary focus of the course will be looking at Telemetry gained from ACI and view in NDI.

This will be a two-day workshop of combination of lecture and labs in a Webex and remote lab access format.

Target Audience

This technical course is intended for:

  • Network designers and architects
  • Partner and customer network professionals
  • Network Operational and support personnel

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Before commencing this class, you should have an understanding of:

  • Cisco networking – L2 and L3 Concepts
  • Appreciation of role of Nexus 9K Switch
  • Basic understanding of Nexus OS (NxOS)
  • Basic Understanding of ACI


2 day

Module 1 – Solution Overview

  • Drivers and Challenges
  • Cisco Product overview and positioning
  • Use Cases

Module 2 – Platform overview

  • Apps and Cisco App Centre overview
  • Nexus Dashboard overview
  • ND sites
  • ND administration
  • ND install overview and initial setup
  • Upgrading ND

 Lab 1

    • Accessing Housley Lab environment

 Lab 2

    • Nexus Dashboard
    • Browse app store

Module 3 – Telemetry Overview

  • NX9k software telemetry overview
  • NX9k hardware telemetry overview
  • Telemetry Processing overview

Module 4 – ACI Setup and NDI integration

  • Details of ACI mgmt. Tenant setup for NDI integration
  • ACI telemetry configuration overview
  • NDI Site Groups and ACI association

 Lab 3

    • Explore ACI setup
    • Deploy Student ACI lab environment

Module 5 –Network Dashboard Insights setup and operations

  • Features Overview
  • GUI overview and Dashboard
  • Snapshot and time selection
  • Details of Nodes, interface, resources and environment
  • Anomalies, Alerts and Event Analysis
  • Bug scan
  • Compliance and Assurance
  • Natural language Interactive Explore
  • Log Collector
  • Delta Analysis and Change Management
  • Endpoints and traffic Flow
  • Browsing resources and environment
  • Endpoints and traffic Flow

 Lab 4, 5 & 6

    • Explore Key features in NDI. These labs will be interwoven within module 5 theory