Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller and Nexus Dashboard Insights Workshop (NDFC-NDI)


NDFC-NDI workshop has two main focuses

  • EVPN deployment on Nexus 9K using Cisco® NX-OS using Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller (NDFC) formerly known Data Centre Network Manager (DCNM)
  • Nexus Dashboard Insights (NDI)

This workshop is aimed at highlighting the power of integration with the joining of NDFC datacentre networking solution and the NDI analytics. NDFC  providers an advanced SDN solution with a policy driven architecture on advanced Nexus 9K switching platform. NDI provides valuable insights into network status, health and operations based on telemetry feeds streamed from the switches.

This is a technical workshop with a deployment, configuration and operational focus.

It is a three-days workshop of combination of lecture and labs with remote lab access.

Target Audience:

This technical course is intended for:

  • Network designers and architects
  • Partner and customer network professionals
  • Network Operational and support personnel

Suggested Pre-requisites:

It is recommended, but not required, to have the following skills and knowledge before attending this course:

  • Good understanding of networking protocols, routing, and switching
  • Understanding of Cisco data centre architecture
  • Familiarity with NX-OS


3 days


Part A – EVPN

  • Implementing VXLAN
    • Under-/Overlay Technologies
    • VXLAN Introduction
    • VXLAN Data Flow
    • Using BGP as VXLAN Control Plane
    • Endpoint Learning and Endpoint Communication
  • VXLAN Visibility
    • Network Abstraction
    • Operations and Troubleshooting


  • A basic EVPN setup using the CLI (dCloud)

Part B – NDFC

  • Introduction Nexus Dashboard
    • Nexus Dashboard Overview
    • Nexus Dashboard Fabric Automation Architecture
    • Data Centre Operation Lifecycle using NDFC
  • Installation
    • ND Installation and Setup
    • NDFC Installation and Feature Selection
  • Provisioning
    • LAN Fabric Provisioning
    • Interface Configuration
    • Tenant/VRF Deployment
    • Tenant Network Configuration
    • Templates
  • Operations
    • Monitoring Fabric State
    • Resource Tracking
    • Endpoint Locator
    • Performance Monitoring


  • Fabric Deployment
  • Tenant Configuration

Part C – Nexus Dashboard Insights

  • Solution Overview
    • Drivers and Challenges
    • Cisco Product overview and positioning
    • Use Cases
  • ND Platform Overview
    • ND sites
    • NDFC and NDI integration
  • Telemetry Overview
    • NX9k software telemetry overview
    • NX9k hardware telemetry overview
  • NXOS Telemetry Configuration
    • CLI syntax
    • Telemetry protocols
  • Network Dashboard Insights operations
    • Features Overview
    • GUI overview and Dashboard
    • Snapshot and time selection
    • Browsing resources and environment
    • Details of Nodes, interface, resources and environment
    • Anomalies, Alerts and Event Analysis
    • Compliance and Assurance
    • Endpoints and traffic Flow


  • Explore Key features in NDI