Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime (MENPI)

Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure is an instructor led, lab-based, hands-on course. It is designed to provide  network engineers and technicians with the knowledge, skills and tools required to design, deploy, operate and optimize enterprise networks with the Cisco Prime Infrastructure solution. Topics covered in this course will include Infrastructure Overview, Inventory Management, Network Mapping, Access Control, System Administration and other features of the product.

Target Audience

Individuals involved in the deployment, management and administration of a network using Cisco Prime Infrastructure.


After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe fundamental network management concepts and introduce the features of Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the inventory with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Map the network using the tools in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage user access to tasks, functions, and devices in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the devices and configuration archive in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Work with Cisco AVC, QoS, and Cisco IWAN services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure tools and deploy Cisco TrustSec identity services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your network with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Perform system administration tasks in Cisco Prime Infrastructure



 Module 1: Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview

 Module 2: Inventory Management

 Module 3: Map the Network

 Module 4: Role-Based Access Control

 Module 5: Configuration Management

 Module 6: Compliance Management

 Module 7: Services Management

 Module 8: Monitor and Troubleshoot

 Module 9: System Administration


  • Lab 1: Access Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Lab 2: Cisco Prime Infrastructure Configuration
  • Lab 3: Populate the network Inventory
  • Lab 4: Manage the Network Inventory
  • Lab 5: Manage Groups
  • Lab 6: Manage Device Software Images
  • Lab 7: Manage Wireless Maps
  • Lab 8: Manage Network Topology Maps
  • Lab 9: Create a Virtual Domain and Add a User
  • Lab 10: Manage the Configuration Archive
  • Lab 11: Manage Wired-Device Templates
  • Lab 12: Manage Wireless-Device Configurations
  • Lab 13: Manage Compliance Features
  • Lab 14: Manage Converged Access Work Flow
  • Lab 15: Manage AVC and QoS Service
  • Lab 16: Monitor Devices and Interfaces
  • Lab 17: Monitor the Wireless Network
  • Lab 18: Track  Clients, Users, and Applications
  • Lab 19: Generate Reports
  • Lab 20: Cisco Prime API Operation
  • Lab 21: Configure Operations Center