Modern DC Management using Cisco Intersight (INTERSIGHT)


Few organisations today have a completely single on-prem style DC. As companies move to a more Virtualised, Containerised and multi-staged environments, a SAAS management platform that understands public cloud, private cloud and on-premises environments becomes crucial to the management of the modern Data Centre.

This one day hands-on course gives participants a chance to see how Intersight can be used to:

  • Mange on-premises UCS, UCS-X and Hyperflex equipment
  • Deploy and manage the Hyperflex Application Platform
  • Integrate with 3rd party platforms using the API
  • Use Cisco Intersight Workforce Optimizer

Targeted Audience 

  • This course is aimed at data centre professionals, network administrators, systems administrators and system architects 


Attendees who are familiar with the following will be best placed to gain the most from this course: 

  • Server virtualisation 
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure concepts 
  • UCS Series hardware 


1 day


  • Intersight Overview 
    • Intersight Device Connector concept 
    • Intersight Options 
      • UCS 
      • Hyperflex 
      • Pure Storage 
      • Virtualization 
      • Orchestration 
    • Connected TAC 
    • Intersight Virtual Appliance  
  • Intersight Setup 
    • Licence levels 
    • Licence Activation 
    • Cisco Intersight Account setup 
    • Claiming devices in Intersight 
    • Unclaiming devices 
    • Managing and customising the Intersight GUI 
    • Users and Role Based Access Control 
    • Cisco Intersight API 
    • Intersight Appliance Settings 
    • Cisco Intersight Organisations 
  • Intersight API 
    • Intersight API Overview 
    • Management Information Model 
    • Query Syntax 
  • Intersight Workload Optimizer
    • Intersight Workload Optimizer Overview
    • Workflow Concepts


  • Claiming a device in Intersight 
  • Exploring the Intersight SAAS GUI 
  • User Management and RBAC 
  • Using API to remove a dummy Intersight account 
  • Intersight Workload Optimizer Demo