HyperFlex Power Workshop (HX-PW3)


This is a 3-day instructor led program designed for engineers who will be implementing, managing and maintaining the Cisco HyperFlex System. Participants will learn how to install, manage, and operate Cisco HyperFlex in various formats – Single Cluster, Stretched Cluster and Edge. You will also gain hands-on experience focused on installation and maintenance using the native HyperFlex Connect platform and Cisco Intersight. You will also gain hands-on experience focused on maintaining and backing up your Hyperflex system. 

  • Ratio of 50% hands on to 50% theory 

Targeted Audience 

The primary audience for this workshop is  

  • Data Centre Architects 
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architects 
  • Network Engineers 
  • System Administrators 
  • Storage Administrators 

Suggested Pre-requisites 

Attendees with the following will be best placed to attend this workshop: 

  • VMware Administration and Networking (vSwitch) knowledge 
  • Familiarity with Cisco UCS 
  • Familiarity with Server Virtualization and VMware vCenter 
  • L2 and L3 Networking Concepts 


3 days


Day 1  

Module 1: Cisco Hyperflex Systems Overview 

  • Overview 
  • HyperFlex Data Platform Components 
  • HyperFlex Data Platform key features 
  • HyperFlex Node Choices 
  • Cisco HyperFlex Edge Networking Options 

Module 2: Cisco Hyperflex Technical Deep Dive 

  • Write Operations in HX 
  • Read Operations in HX 
  • Cisco HyperFlex Data Optimization 

Module 3: Understanding UCS/HX  Networking 

  • UCS Architecture 
  • UCS OOB/Inband Management 
  • Migrating from OOB to inband (UCSM) 
  • Hypervisor vSwitch Arrangement 

Lab outline Day 1 

  • Housley Labs: Explore HyperFlex Components 
  • Housley Labs: HyperFlex Operations 
  • Housley Labs: Adding a VLAN to HX 
  • Housley Labs: Removing a VLAN from HX 

Day 2  

Module 4: Cisco HX Deployment and Installation 

  • HyperFlex Operations with VMware Hypervisor 
  • Installing HX with VMware 
  • Lessons from the Field 

Module 5: HyperFlex Maintenance 

  • Hyperflex Management Interfaces 
  • Day-to-day HX Cluster Operation 
  • Seven Things to Know to Make Hyperflex Go 
    • Adding Users 
    • Creating DataStores 
    • Ready Clones 
    • Snapshots 
    • Hyperflex Maintenance Mode 
    • Upgrading Hyperflex 
    • Adding VLANs 

Module 6: Multi-site Cisco Hyperflex 

  • Cisco HyperFlex Edge Cluster Overview 
    • Networking Options 
  • Cisco HyperFlex Stretched Cluster Overview 
    • Installation 
    • Failure Scenarios  

Module 7: Managing Hyperflex using Intersight 

  • Cisco Intersight Overview 
  • Cisco Intersight Licensing 
  • Cisco Intersight Key Components 
  • Accessing Cisco Intersight 
  • User Addition and RBAC 
  • HyperFlex N:1 Replication For Edge 
  • Lab outline Day 2 
  • Demonstration: HX Edge Installation 
  • HyperFlex Pre-Install Tool (online) 
  • Simulator: HX Cluster Installation 
  • Simulator: HX Cluster Expansion  
  • Housley Labs: Explore Cisco Intersight 

Day 3 

Module 8: HyperFlex Upgrade Best Practices 

  • Pre-upgrade Health Check 
  • Upgrading Stand-alone Clusters 
  • Upgrading Stretched Clusters 
  • Upgrading Edge Clusters 
  • Intersight upgrade option 

Module 9: What could possibly go wrong? 

  • Troubleshooting Installation issues 
    • UCS 
    • vCenter 
  • Troubleshooting Upgrading issues 
  • Re-Installing HX 
  • Finding the log files Generating tech-support bundles 

Module 10: Enhancing HX 

  • iSCSI Integration 
  • HX Replication 
  • Integration with 3rd Party Backup 
  • HyperFlex API 

Lab outline Day 3 

  • Housley Labs: Deploy iSCSI Connectivity 
  • Simulator: HyperFlex Cluster Replication 
  • Simulator: HyperFlex with Veeam Availability Suite 
  • Simulator: Cisco HyperFlex 3rd party integrated backup 
  • Housley Labs: HyperFlex API using Postman