Cisco HyperFlex Power workshop (HX-PW)

Course Description

Cisco HyperFlex Systems combine computing, storage, and networking into a simplified, easy-to-use platform built on Cisco’s UCS Technology. This solution includes an integrated network fabric, powerful data optimization, and unified management that brings the full potential of hyperconvergence for a wider range of workloads and use cases, all from a single point of management.

Course Prerequisites

The prior knowledge and skills that you would benefit from in attending this course are as follows: • VMware Administration and Networking (vSwitch) • Familiarity with Cisco UCS and Server Virtualization • L2 and L3 Networking Concepts

Course Learning Objectives

• Cisco HyperFlex Architecture • Data Optimization • HyperFlex Components and Pre-requisites • Demonstration; HX Installation, Infrastructure Scalability, Resiliency, and Sizing. • Data Services and Performance Monitoring • Non-Disruptive Operations • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Best Practices • Intersight

Course System Requirement

Laptop with recent web browser and strong connectivity to access remote lab

Course Other Information

The primary audience for this course is as follows: • IT Managers and decision-makers • Data Center Architects • Cloud Infrastructure Architects • Network Engineers • System Administrators • Storage Administrators


7 hours

Course Outline

  • Scenario 1: Hyperflex Demo Environment
  • Scenario 2: HX Cluster Installer
  • Scenario 3: HX Cluster Replication
  • Scenario 4: UCSD Director Integration with Hyperflex
  • Scenario 5: Operation with HyperFlex Connect
  • Scenario 6: Operation with HyperFlex Plugin for vSphere