HyperFlex Management and Operations Workshop (HX-MOW2)


This is a 2-day instructor led program designed for customers who have implemented the Cisco HyperFlex System. Participants will learn how to manage, and operate Cisco HyperFlex in various formats – Single Cluster, Stretched Cluster and Edge, and using vCenter, Hyperflex Connect and Intersight. You will also gain hands-on experience focused on maintaining and backing up your Hyperflex system. 

  • Ratio of 50% hands on to 50% theory 

Targeted Audience 

The primary audience for this workshop is  

  • Data Centre Architects 
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architects 
  • Network Engineers 
  • Storage Administrators 


Attendees with the following must have: 

  • Familiarity with Cisco Hyperflex 
  • Familiarity with Cisco UCS 
  • Familiarity with Server Virtualization (VCenter) 
  • L2 and L3 Networking Concepts 
  • Familiarity with Cisco UCS is an advantage 


2- days

Day 1 

Module 1: Operating and Maintaining Hyperflex 

  • Did you know Hyperflex can…? 
  • Post Install Actions 
    • hx_post_install  
    • vCenter plugin 
    • Security Hardening 
      • SED configuration 
    • Enabling HX Boost Mode 
  • Day-to-day maintenance 
    • Seven things to know to make Hyperflex go 
  • Optional Operations 

Module 2: Cisco HyperFlex Architecture 

  • Hyperflex Node Choices 
    • What’s in the box? 
  • A day in the life… 
    • How Hyperflex really works 
    • Write Operations in HX 
    • Read Operations in HX 
  • Log Structured File System 

Module 3: Understanding UCS/HX Management options 

  • UCS Architecture 
  • UCS OOB/Inband Management 
  • Migrating from OOB to inband (UCSM) 
  • Hypervisor vSwitch Arrangement 

Module 4: Managing Hyperflex using Intersight 

  • Cisco Intersight Overview 
  • Cisco Intersight Licensing 
  • Cisco Intersight Key Components 
  • Accessing Cisco Intersight 
  • User Addition and RBAC 
  • Cisco Intersight GUI 

Lab outline – Day 1 

  • HyperFlex Demo Environment 
  • Operations with HyperFlex Connect 
  • Accessing the Housley Remote Lab Environment 
  • Adding a VLAN to HX 

Day 2  

Module 5: Multi-site Cisco Hyperflex 

  • Cisco HyperFlex Edge Cluster Overview 
    • Networking options 
  • Cisco HyperFlex Stretched Cluster Overview 
    • Failure Scenarios  

Module 6: HyperFlex Upgrade Best Practices 

  • Pre-upgrade Health Check 
  • Upgrading Stand-alone Clusters 
  • Upgrading Stretched Clusters 
  • Upgrading Edge Clusters 
    • Intersight upgrade option 
  • Upgrading Hyper-V 

Module 7: Cisco Hyperflex Backup and HA Options 

  • Integration with 3rd Party Backup 
    • Veeam 
    • CommVault 
    • Cohesity 
  • HX Replication  

Lab outline – Day 2 

  • Removing a VLAN from HX 
  • Investigate Cisco Intersight 
  • HyperFlex Cluster Replication 
  • HyperFlex with Veeam Availability Suite