HX Mentored Install – VDI (VMWare Horizon)

HX Mentored Service – VDI (VMWare Horizon)

  • To maximise success for customers and partners, Cisco has introduced the mentor program to provide guidance and assistance for authorised Cisco Hyperflex (HX) Customers and Partners.
  • HX will represent a new skill set for most networking professionals. The program acts as a transition mechanism and pathway for skill growth of internal resources.
  • A mentored engagement for first-time HX deployments is highly recommended by Cisco.
  • Housley is the only Cisco-approved mentor for APJ outside of Cisco Advanced Services.

Housley HX Mentored services

  • Housley will interact with the customer/partner to support the deployment of HX
  • The customer/partner will retain control of the project/engagement


  • Delivery of first HX solution to customers, with confidence and reduced risk
  • Early access to HX experience and expertise
  • Shorter time to market for HX capability and services
  • Fast-track time for staff up-skilling on critical path for project deployment
  • Reduced time to deploy – allowing resources to move on to other projects
  • Potential cost reduction due to lower problem-solving time
  • Build internal HX knowledge through field experience

Partner Pre-Planning

The Channel Partner should ensure that all necessary equipment is racked, stacked, cabled, and powered-up prior to the kick-off. The customer should upgrade the network devices to the required software version. The customer should have the necessary Cisco HyperFlex, Cisco Intersight, and VMWare Horizon software licenses.

Service Deliverables

Project Kickoff

  • Conduct project overview
  • Gather customer requirements
  • Present HX architecture and components
  • Discuss system requirements, Pre-Install checklist, and pre-requisites

Pre-requisite Validation

  • Review and validate Pre-Install Checklist
  • Confirm hardware and system pre-requisites
  • Networking requirements discussion and planning

HX Deployment

  • Upgrade software
  • Install and deploy Cisco HX Data Platform Installer
  • Configure UCS Manager and HX Nodes
  • Create HX Cluster

Intersight Configuration

  • Cisco Intersight Overview
  • Configuration and Discovery of HX Devices

VDI (VMWare) Deployment

  • Deploy VMWare View Agent
  • Install Horizon View Connection Server (up to 500 Virtual Desktops)
  • Create User Profile
  • Provision VDI using Horizon View


  • Datastore Provisioning
  • VM Snapshot and Cloning
  • Provisioning virtual server
  • Validate HX Connect reachability

Next Steps: Call Housley for a detailed discussion on your HX VDI (VMWare Horizon) Deployment.