Compute Mentored Install – HX ESXi

Compute Mentored Service – HX ESXi

  • To maximise success for customers and partners, Cisco has introduced the mentor program to provide guidance and assistance for authorised Cisco Hyperflex (HX) Customers and Partners.
  • HX will represent a new skill set for most networking professionals. The program acts as a transition mechanism and pathway for skill growth of internal resources.
  • A mentored engagement for first-time HX deployments is highly recommended by Cisco.
  • Housley is the only Cisco authorized MINT Partner in APJ for compute technologies.

Housley HX Mentored services

  • Housley will interact with the customer/partner to support the deployment of HX
  • The customer/partner will retain control of the project/engagement


  • Delivery of first HX solution to customers, with confidence and reduced risk
  • Early access to HX experience and expertise
  • Shorter time to market for HX capability and services
  • Fast-track time for staff up-skilling on critical path for project deployment
  • Reduced time to deploy – allowing resources to move on to other projects
  • Potential cost reduction due to lower problem-solving time
  • Build internal HX knowledge through field experience

Partner Pre-Planning

The Channel Partner should ensure that all necessary equipment is racked, stacked, cabled, and powered-up prior to the kick-off. The customer should upgrade the network devices to the required software version. The customer should have the necessary Cisco HyperFlex and Cisco Intersight software licenses.

Service Deliverables

  • Project Kickoff
  • Conduct project overview
  • Gather customer requirements
  • Present HX architecture and components
  • Discuss system requirements, Pre-Install checklist, and pre-requisites

Pre-requisite Validation

  • Review and validate Pre-Install Checklist
  • Confirm hardware and system pre-requisites
  • Networking requirements discussion and planning


  • Upgrade software
  • Install and deploy Cisco HX Data Platform Installer
  • Configure UCS Manager and HX Nodes
  • Create HX Cluster
  • Cisco Intersight Overview and Configuration


  • Datastore Provisioning
  • VM Snapshot and Cloning
  • Provisioning virtual server
  • Validate HX Connect reachability

Knowledge Transfer

  • Explain to the customer/partner how to configure and manage the solution in their environment

Next Steps: Call Housley for a detailed discussion on your HX ESXi Deployment.