Cisco ACI Power Workshop – 3 Days (ACI-PW3)


This ACI Power Workshop is a fast-paced technical delivery that provides essential skills to personnel involved in deploying a base ACI environment. It covers key topics areas relevant to common deployment scenarios. 

The workshop is aimed for key individuals responsible for designing and deploying ACI solutions for POC or initial ACI deployments. 

  • Ratio of 60% hands on to 40% theory 


At the completion of the class students should be able to: 

  • Validate Underlay Fabric Access policies 
  • Configure Tenant Policies  
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Configure Layer 3 outside connectivity to the ACI Fabric 

Targeted Audience 

This course is aimed at: 

  • Technical architects and designers 
  • Networking Field engineers involved in ACI Deployments 


Before commencing this class, you should have an understanding of: 

  • Networking Layer 2 & Layer 3 concepts (Ethernet and TCP/IP) 
  • Basic PC (Windows/Linux) System administration (ping, IP address assignment) 


3 Days 



  • ACI Overview 
  •  ACI Components and Topology 
  • ACI Access Policy model 
  • ACI Tenant Overlay Model 
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Connecting to Existing L3 Infrastructure 


  • Lab 1: Exploring the Graphical User Interface 
  • Lab 2: Build Access Policy Chain for BMHs 
  • Lab 3: Configure Tenant and Basic Network Constructs 
  • Lab 4: Configure a Two-Tier Application Profile 
  • Lab 5: Build Contracts between EPGs 
  • Lab 6: Configuring External Layer 2 Connections (VPCs) 
  • Lab 7: VMWare Integration
  • Lab 8: Configuring External Layer 3 Connections