Cisco ACI and Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator Workshop (ACI-NDO)


The Cisco ACI-NDO workshop will explore Cisco’s datacentre networking solution that includes ACI, Nexus Dashboard (ND) and Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator (NDO) products. 

This workshop is aimed at detailing the operations and configuration of ACI in a multisite design.  The modules cover the underlying ND Platform and the NDO application deployment options. 

Configuration and preparation of the ACI Fabric for connectivity to the Inter-site network (ISN) via the Infra Tenant to allow traffic to pass between sites is also detailed in this workshop. 

The role of NDO in the configuration of ACI APICs to provide policy consistency is explored. 

This is a technical workshop with a deployment, configuration and operational focus. 

Targeted Audience 

This technical workshop is intended for: 

  • Network designers and architects 
  • Partner and customer network professionals 
  • Network Operational and support personnel 


All attendees have working knowledge of 

  • ACI Basic understanding 


2 days 

Course Outline 

Module 1- ACI Multisite Overview 

  • ACI Access Policy review 
    • ACI Tenant Overlay Model 
    • Access Policies 
  • Multisite Overview 
  • Multisite Policy 
    • NDO  

Module 2- ACI Multisite Operations 

  • ISN and Routing 
  • Spine addressing and Routing 
  • EVPN and EP Advertising 
  • Traffic forwarding – Data Plane – Unicasts 
  • Traffic forwarding – Data Plane – Flooded 
  • Policy Control 

Module 3 – ND platform Overview 

  • Integrated Options 
  • Nexus Dashboard (ND) Overview 
  • Install and config 
  • Administration 
  • Services (Apps) and Catalogue 
  • Sites 
  • Interfacing with NDO 

Module 4 – ACI Multisite – Setup 

  • Fabric setup – Infra Tenant 
  • ACI to ISN – NDO Config 
  • APIC Policy review 
  • Spine Access Policies 

Module 5 – NDO Tenant Policy 

  • Config objects 
    • Tenants 
    • Schemas 
    • Templates 
    • Policies 
    • Sites 
  • Deploying to site 
  • Use Cases 
    • Stretched 
    • Site local 
  • L3 External connectivity considerations  


  • Lab 1 Investigate Multi-Site Fabric 
  • Lab 2 Setup NDO Tenant 
  • Lab 3 Layer 3 Only Between EPGs 
  • Lab 4 Layer 3 IP Mobility Across Sites 
  • Lab 5 Troubleshooting