Cisco Intersight Customer Enablement - English

Duration: 2 x 2 hrs Session Target audience: New customers who seek a PoV of their software and/or current Compute/Virtualization customers. Objective: To demonstrate ease of use, and use cases to enable adoption of Cisco Intersight/Advanced services suite. Agenda Overview: Day 1: Intersight
    • Ease and speed of use
    • How to reduce risk using Intersight's embedded security features
    • Demo of deployment and operations use cases focusing on UCS, Hyperflex, Virtualization
Day 2: Intersight Advanced Capabilities Introduction and demo to the various Intersight Services:
    • Intersight Workload Optimization (IWO)
    • Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO)
Detailed Agenda & Use Case List

Day 1 – Intersight

Day0 Deployment  
    • Ease and Speed to Integrate Existing Cisco Devices
    • Ease and Speed to Integrate with 3rd Party Devices
    • Ease of Configuring New Environments from Intersight using Intersight Managed Mode
Day2 Operations
    • Ease of Monitoring and Managing Integrated Environments
    • Ease of Maintaining and Upgrading Environments?
    • Reduce Risk using Intersight’s Embedded Security Features
    • Rapid Root Cause Analysis
    • Save time with Integrated Cisco TAC Support

Day 2 – Intersight Advanced Capabilities

Intersight Workload Optimiser
    • IWO provides visibility, insights and decision to help optimize application workloads
    • Reduce Cloud Waste and Reduce Costs
    • Optimize Environments by Running Recommended Actions
    • Automate Environment Optimization using IWO Automation Polices
    • IWO provides Overall Insights to Environment over Time using IWO Dashboards
 IWO Plans
    • Using IWO plans to determine actions and outcome of migrating VMs between clusters
    • Using IWO plans to determine actions and outcome of migrating VMs from on-prem to the cloud
Intersight Cloud Orchestrator  
    •  Low/No Code Automation using Intersight Cloud Orchestrator Workflow Designer