What will happen after I complete my registration?
  • Only the person who made the registration will get an ‘Acknowledgment Email’ from learning@housley.com.au. If you don’t see it in your Inbox please check your Junk Mail.
  • The person from the ‘Student Details’ field will not get the ‘Acknowledgement Email’, the person who made the registration on the student’s behalf should inform them that they have registered them in the workshop.
What if I didn’t get an acknowledgement email? When will I get the Workshop logistics?
  • Once the class is Confirmed to Run, each student who registered on the workshop will get the “Workshop Confirmation and Logistics” email from bellesantos@housley.com.au
  • Workshop will be Confirmed to Run once we have reached the minimum number to run the class.
What emails should I be expecting from Housley?
  • Acknowledgement Email – right after the registration
  • Workshop Confirmation and Logistics  -  once the workshop is ‘Confirmed to Run’
  • Reminder + Updated Workshop Logistics – 1 week before the commencement including the WebEx Session details and other important information
  • Reminder – Workshop Tomorrow – a day before the workshop
Why there are no dates available?
  • Each workshop schedule has a maximum capacity of 20 students. Once the workshop is Full, the date will not be visible on the Website.